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Special order your real hair wig

We offer 2 different qualities and price ranges where you can choose if you want a front lace, full lace or if you want to add Silk scalp for a more realistic scalp.

You can also measure your head beforehand so that you get the fit you need. Our hats are incredibly airy and non-itchy. The lace is thin and transparent, which means that it is barely visible on the skin.

The majority of our customers shop online, you don’t have to worry, you will get what you want.

We are here with a fantastic personal service where you and we come up with the best decision for you. If you don’t know which of all the varieties or colors would suit you best, we will help you. We dye all wigs ourselves and can therefore  guarantee that you will get the color you desire.

Delivery time

The delivery time for special orders is 2-20 weeks depending on the color and hat, for example they take longer to produce Full lace and silk base than they do with front lace.

If we have your size, color, hat and length in stock, the delivery time is about 1-3 days. If you order a wig that we have in stock but that is to be specially colored, the delivery time is 3 days-14 days.

Payment always takes place before ordering. Pay with swish, requisition or Pay in installments with KLARNA.

Contact us via instagram @Indigoshair.se, or text 0702151102 and we will guide you.

When ordering

When ordering, we need you to send us the following information:

  • Which lace you want (Frontlace, Fullace, silkbase)
  • Which color you want on the lace depends on your skin tone, if you are unsure, ask.
  • Size Xs, Small, Medium or large.
  • What length you want
  • Quality (Top, Virgin 13th grade or medium, remy 11th grade)
  • Desired texture such as curls or waves, send picture of desired curls. Most of them have a little sag in them when washing.
  • Inspiration pictures of the desired color
  • Which density/thickness you want (130%, 150% or 180%)
  • Pictures of the desired cut or if you want it uncut.
  • If you want associated products for best durability
  • Name, address, phone no.
  • How you want to pay (Swish, Klarna or requisition)
See all the information below about what you can order

Price List

Wig Frontlace - 130% & 150% density

Chinese, Brazilian (Medium quality)
Light "Yellow" color #613
Special color, roots, loops, etc

5 865 kr

7 015 kr
9 315 kr

6095 kr

7 245 kr
9 545 kr

6 440 kr

7 590 kr
9 890 kr

6 785 kr

7 935 kr
10 235 kr

7 130 kr

8 280 kr
10 580 kr

7 475 kr

8 625 kr
10 925 kr

7 820 kr

8 970 kr
11 270 kr

8 165 kr

9 315 kr
11 615 kr

9 165 kr

10 315 kr
12 615 kr
European, Cambodian (Top Quality)
Light "Yellow" color #613
Special color, roots, loops, etc

8 165 kr

9 315 kr
11 615 kr

8 395 kr

9 545 kr
11 845 kr

8 740 kr

9 890 kr
12 190 kr

9 085 kr

10 235 kr
12 535 kr

9 430 kr

10 580 kr
12 880 kr

9 775 kr

10 925 kr
13 225 kr

10 120 kr

11 270 kr
13 570 kr

10 465 kr

11 615 kr
13 915 kr

11 465 kr

12 615 kr
14 915 kr
Silk top


Full lace


+ 180% densitet


360 lace




HD lace


Good to know

Measure your head

Keep in mind that it says in INCHES and not in cm. You yourself are responsible for measuring correctly.

On the synthetic wigs, we only have one size and they are 55.24 cm in circumference.



There are 3 different densities. 130% is thinner, 150% is normal thick and 180% is super thick

Our recommendation is always 150% and these are the ones we usually order for all customers.

If you want thicker tops, take a longer length so we can cut off the thin tops for you.


All hairs are initially undyed and then they are black/Black-brown. In order to get the hair light, they have to be bleached, of course there is some wear and tear on the hair even though it is done in a slow, gentle process. The blonde dyed therefore do not last as well as the undyed/Darker tones, but we offer incredibly good quality of our hair.

Chinese/Peruvian/Brazilian 11th grade, medium quality.

durability from 4-12 months depending on color, care and how often you wash it and use it. The blonde bleached ones last worse than the dark unbleached ones. The hair is called Remy and is classified as grade 11a in the wig world, which is still a very high quality.

European or Cambodian 13th degree, virgin hair.

Top quality! This is a MAGICAL quality for those of you who want to be able to wear your wig every day. Durability up to 2 years depending on color, use, care and how often you wash it. The hair is called Virgin and is classified as grade 13a which is the best on the market.

Hair that is mixed with horse, or buffalo is classified as grade 6 and of course we do not support that, but it is unfortunately very common among cheaper hair extensions that therefore get tangled and frizzy.

Different Caps

Front lace large lace 33x15cm

A front lace means that half of the wig at the front is tied strand by strand. This is also a cheaper option for those who want to try using a wig. You can have the legs where you want and even set it up in a lower tassel.

We offer this frontlace on our real hair wigs

Elastic band

This means that the wig fits tightly against the head and becomes glueless.

Full lace

A full lace means that every hair on the wig is hand knotted, hence the price is higher and the delivery time is longer.

With a full lace you can do just about any hairstyle you want, tight high tassels, baked braids, etc.

Medicine cap

ou can also special order these luxurious caps with silicone at the front so that they fit better on those of you who don’t have hair.

360 lace

360 lace is hand-knotted 360 degrees, an alternative for those of you who want to be able to have a tight tassel but not have to pay as much as a full lace.

Silk base

A silk base is sewn onto the cap to make the scalp look like a realistic scalp. the knots are not bleached at the front, so add them too if you don’t want to hide them with concealer.

Bleached knots

All wigs from us come without bleached knots but of course you can add it from here.

Unfortunately, you cannot bleach the knots on synthetic wigs.


Our standard lace is swiss lace, which is a thin transparent lace that is not visible on the skin. You can also special order darker lace on our real hair wigs if you have a darker skin tone, otherwise you can use your powder or foundation.

Our synthetic wigs

Our synthetic wigs are made of a fiber material that feels like real hair. They are heat resistant up to 190 degrees. We have two different caps, Front lace (Can change the legs on) and T-part (Can’t change the legs on). We have many different models and you can find them here.

Ready to wear

You can add Ready to wear to our synthetic wigs to make them more real, then we pick any bones, cut baby hair, thin out to prevent tangles and cut the lace on the synthetic wigs.

You can also add ready to wear + new hairstyle to get whatever hairstyle you want on your wig, such as shorter length, cut up or bangs.

You add this here

If you want a different hairstyle on your real hair wig or baby hair, add them here


Indigo’s hairtoppers are made of European hair, a magical quality that lasts an eternity with the right care. They also have a silk base, which gives a realistic scalp. You can special order our toppers in any color. Hairtoppers are perfect for those of you who have thin hair on the top of your head and want more volume.


Dark Colors

“Dark color” in the price list means it has one and the same color from undyed up to a #4. The undyed dark gives us the opportunity to dye in the color you want, which then goes under the “Special colors” category.

Light Colors

“Light color” in the price list means it comes pale to light yellow #613 from natural black color. It is therefore very yellow when it arrives, but gives us the opportunity to create exactly the color you desire. Here you can see how it looks “uncolored” when it is just bleached.

Special Colors

“Special colors” in the price list means that we order either a blonde undyed or black undyed where you can want exactly any color you want, everything from curls, ombre, bayalage, roots or other tones such as red, pink, ash, copper, violet, silver etc. We color in ourselves and then guarantee that you will get what you want. However, it is required that you understand that it can never be EXACT as a picture, so we ask you to send a few different inspiration pictures so we understand what you want. Before we send the wig to you, you will receive a picture where you can approve if anything more needs to be done or if you are satisfied.

  • Du får 15% rabatt på alla  peruker (förbeställningar, äkta hår i lager, syntet)
  • För att krydda det extra får du även 15% rabatt på alla produkter du köper i samband med din peruk.
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