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Annis Noémi

58 years

I feel great today. My diagnosis never directly made me sad. There are far worse things that can happen to you in life

Why did you start wearing wigs?
I started wearing wigs due to Alopecia diagnosis 6 years ago.
What was it like to start wearing a wig?
The first time with a wig was full of anxiety. Questions like, does the wig fit right, do I look stupid, should it feel like this and everyone see that I’m wearing a wig, were constantly in the back of my mind. I was terrified the first time I left the house with a wig on. Before I got used to it, it felt like an unnatural hat that I wanted to tear off. It is a process to go through and you have to give yourself time to try and get comfortable.
How did Indigo Hair help?
Indigo Hair has meant everything to me. You can ask as many questions as you like and be sure that they will be answered. The understanding and empathy is genuine and the service 100%. I am a loyal customer because they are high quality wigs. It helped me get through a lot of insecurities
Favorite wig?
Favorite wig 🤔. I have bought a few, am up to 11 now. Indigo's wigs are like choosing candy, one is not enough. But if I have to choose, it's my Nikita, Crown (synthetic) and Honey (real hair)

Tips for wig beginners?
Don’t be afraid to try different hair colors, lengths and styles. You will discover how much fun it is with a wig when you can change it according to your mood or clothing style. And definitely don’t feel compelled to wear the wig if you have an off day. It should be fun with a wig. And my hairless scalp is a part of me that I’m not ashamed to show. Then it is important to have a dialogue with the person you buy wigs from, otherwise it is easy to get lost in the wig jungle. There’s a lot of crap out there that doesn’t measure up. That’s why I shop at Indigo.
Tips for feeling comfortable in a wig?
I gave myself time to get used to it by taking it off and on. To sort of let the wig become part of everyday life. I watched many Youtube videos where I got lots of tips and advice that helped me a lot. Learn about wig maintenance in peace and quiet. About glue, tape and hiding lace knots. I always buy ready to wear in my order. It’s better to have a professional fix baby hair and such than to accidentally ruin the wig if you’re unsure.
What is the best thing about wearing a wig?
The best thing about wigs is that I have the option to pick and choose from all this beautiful hair. Be my best self and feel romantic in long blonde hair. Rock a short brunette or be fresh in a redder tone.
How are you today?
I feel great today. My diagnosis never directly made me sad. There are far worse things that can happen to you in life

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