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stephanie kund 1


34 years

Loved/love my wigs. Today I’m on my feet. But you have many scars for life. But I’m grateful for life ❤️ #fuckcancer

Why have you lost your hair?
In May 2021, I got breast cancer. Only 32 years old and mother of a wonderful daughter. It turned out that there was not just one tumor in the breast, but two. One that was fast growing and in stage 3 already. It also turned out that I am a carrier of BRCA1. 5 months chemotherapy and then surgery, double mastectomy with direct construction. Dec -22 I had an operation to remove fallopian tubes/ovaries to reduce the risk of getting cancer.
What was it like to start wearing a wig?
Loved/love my wigs.
How did Indigo Hair help?
I bought my wigs from Indigo hair and have always been satisfied with my purchases.
Favorite wig?

How are you today?
It has been a long journey. But I enjoy life to every second. Today I’m on my feet. But you have many scars for life. But I am grateful for life. #fuckcancer
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